From an age long lost to drifting sands, a quality was ascribed to poets of vision and insight . . . "Trikaldarshi: The Knower of Three Aspects of Time."

Using the past, present, and future as a light to guide our decisions has become even more rare in today's frenetic world. We needn't look far to see that common sense has become an increasingly uncommon commodity.


At first, knowing the aspects of time may seem a bold claim. But it's at the heart of the insights you'll find here.

To clearly see where clients and customers are coming from, to understand how to guide them with sensitivity and wisdom, and to bottle the magic of the journey yet to be taken -- this is our journey. To this end, this writer stays keenly focused on each care-filled footstep.

Those who see the promise in this path will be rewarded with eye-opening observations that aren't seen from other perspectives. So relax, take a deep breath, and let the CopyCaravan deliver you to your destination.

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